Rochester’s Green Spaces

Top 10 Rochester Green Spaces*
*in no particular order
  1. Centennial Sculpture Park
  • Location: Neighborhood of the Arts on the Memorial Art Gallery grounds
  • Highlight: the variety of whimsical and thought-provoking sculptures


  1. Genesee Gateway Park
  • Location: the bank of the Genesee River in the South Wedge
  • Highlight: the great views of the river & the city and the fact that it’s home to the South Wedge Farmers Market


  1. Turning Point Park  
  • Location: Charlotte Neighborhood, within walking distance of Lake Ontario
  • Highlight: the 3,572 ft long boardwalk / bridge that curves over the Genesee River Turning Basin


  1. Genesee Valley Park  
  • Location: on the border of the 19th Ward and Upper Mount Hope Neighborhoods
  • Highlight: the access to a variety of walking / biking trails — the Genesee River and the Erie Canal, along with their respective trails, intersect here


  1. Lexington Ave Farm
  • Location: on the border or the Edgerton and Lyell-Otis Neighborhoods
  • Highlight: the fact that it’s one of the city’s largest urban farms and supports the local refugee community and Food Link’s food access and garden projects


  1. Ellwanger & Barry Park  
  • Location: Highland Park Neighborhood
  • Highlight: the bustling playground that is boarded by a “BoulevArt” site where the painted streets and intersection brighten up the area and slow down traffic


  1. Seneca Park  
  • Location: 14621 Neighborhood
  • Highlight: the hiking trails along the forested Genesee River Gorge


  1. Susan B Anthony Square Park
  • Location: Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood
  • Highlight: the impressive, if fictitious, sculpture of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass drinking tea together


  1. Conkey Corner Park & El Camino Trail  
  • Location: El Camino Neighborhood
  • Highlight: the various murals that decorate the trail and all the community events that take place in the park


  1. Cobbs Hill Park & Washington Grove
  • Location: Cobbs Hill Neighborhood
  • Highlight: the awesome views of the city from the reservoir and the giant graffitied water towers nestled in the woods

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