Rochester Youth Year will allow you to establish deep roots and form a vast network in the region you’ve called home for four years or more. Working with residents, nonprofit organizations, government leaders, and educators, RYY is your chance to engage in the Rochester community and your opportunity to make Rochester a more vibrant city.

Make a difference.  Whether Rochester is your hometown or you’ve just lived here for four years, you know Rochester is a city with both a great number of assets and significant challenges. Begin breaking down the barriers to educational equity, access to care, and gainful employment by establishing sustainable solutions and quality resources.

Learn about the community. Learn the structures, resources, and challenges within our community as you serve, commute, eat, live, and play here. Connect with community members and community leaders to gain new perspectives on the Flower City.

2014-2015 VISTAs celebrating the kick-off to their service!Utilize your skills and gain some experience. While many entry-level jobs are heavily administrative, a position with RYY guarantees you highly valuable hands-on experience. Numerous professional development opportunities are provided throughout your year of service to benefit you professionally and enrich you personally.

Figure out what’s next. Rochester Youth Year is a great transitional opportunity. Many people who take positions with AmeriCorps VISTA also use their year of service as a transition to graduate school or other work opportunities.

Boost your resumePublic service programs are huge resume boosters! People who volunteer are 27% more likely to be employed than non-volunteers.

Network with community leaders. RYY Fellows are community organizers. We try to integrate the principles of asset-based community development into our goals and activities as often as possible. This work is all about building relationships and forming partnerships. You will meet many people over the course of the year, many of whom will likely be helpful to you as you pursue future endeavors.

Other benefits you receive through a year of service with Rochester Youth Year include:

  • Reimbursement for relocation travel expenses, if eligible, and any other project-related travel
  • Relocation allowance of up to $750, if eligible
  • A modest bi-weekly living allowance
  • Student loan forbearance or deferment of qualified loans
  • Healthcare allowance up to $8,550
  • 10 personal days and 10 sick days
  • Frequent professional development opportunities
  • Childcare allowance of up to $400 per month, if eligible
  • Life insurance (can waive)
  • Application fee waived for some graduate schools 

After completing a year of service, members receive these additional benefits:

  • Either a $6,345 education award (to be applied to federal student loans or future education expenses for up to 7 years) OR a $1,800 end-of-service stipend
  • Repayment of interest accrued on qualified student loans
  • Non-competitive eligibility for most federal jobs after term of service
  • 30% off the Warner School of Education and Human Development at the University of Rochester
  • Continued support from a broad alumni network, including virtual graduate school and career fairs, webinars, and meet-ups
  • Eligibility for some tuition discounts, more details here.